Menu Plan Monday ~ August 16th

This week life as we’ve known it is changing forever – our quads start pre-k on Monday so we’ll have all five kids in school!  We actually considered homeschooling for quite awhile, but we’re very lucky to be in a school district with a fabulous elementary school and pre-k program so we feel good about where they’ll be learning and spending their days.  Boy do I have a plan for how I’m going to be spending mine!!  In addition to my position as head cook and chauffeur, I am SO looking forward to being able to work during daylight hours instead of having to wait for naptime or bedtime and perhaps getting to bed myself before 3 a.m. 🙂  Whoohoo!!!

Monday – Sweet & Sour Chicken and Egg Rolls

Tuesday – Chicken Fried Rice (Freezer Cooking Day!)

Wednesday – Beef Manicotti

Thursday – Sesame Chicken

Friday – Beef Fajitas

Saturday – Cheese Tortellini with Pesto Sauce

Sunday – Mini Cheddar Sliders

My meal plan is listed at!


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  1. Your menu always sounds yummy! And congrats on some time to do what you need to do during daylight hrs!!! 80)

  2. Wow – I’ve tried to pack so much into this week that it just isn’t happening yet! I’ve got my fingers crossed for next week 🙂

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