MaxPerks Equals Awesome Savings!

In January, Office Max had a special deal going — if you purchased a case of Boise X-9 copy paper for $35, you’d get back $35 in MaxPerks.  Another part of the deal was that if you order two or more cases, you’d also get free shipping.  Well, we go through tons of paper, and I figured that was the best deal going for paper, even though I figured the $35 MaxPerks would only be on the first case of paper.  We ordered two cases and, as they promised, it was delivered in 2 days.

On February 17 I got an email from Office Max saying that my MaxPerks Rewards are now available —


Check it out!  They gave me the $35 rewards for BOTH cases of paper!  So, I paid $70 for the initial two cases and got $70 back – you just can’t beat a deal like that!!  Upon reading it I discovered that they only gave me 11 days to use it (or lose it) — notified me on the 17th and it expires on the 28th.  With that much money in my hand, I really had no choice but to see what I could spend it on.

Office Max right now has a special on Hammermill paper $39.99 per case (reg price is $44.95, so you have an immediate discount of $5.00).  Well, they also have a great deal on this paper in that you get $20 in MaxPerks per case of paper that you buy.  Look at what’s listed online right now for this paper —-


Once again I ordered two cases (you get free shipping when ordering two or more cases), so here is the breakdown of my order for today:

Two cases of paper (plus tax) $84.78

MaxPerks discount                      $70.00

Total purchase price                   $14.78

PLUS I will be getting $40 back in MaxPerks next month for this purchase in February.  What a great deal!!  Thank you Office Max!


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