Making Cashew Bark Holiday Gifts

Cashew Bark Holiday Gifts

I’ve enjoyed being a contributor to the $5 Dinners website for about three years now and this week I posted a recipe for my super easy Cashew Bark. There are only two ingredients, the bark is delicious, and it makes a great gift for the holidays!

Cashew Bark Holiday Gifts

The kids had so much fun helping me make the cashew bark, then after it had cooled and I broke it into pieces, they each got to fill up a Christmas themed coffee mug with bark for their teacher.

Cashew Bark Holiday Gifts

Once all the mugs were full, we even got to taste test some ourselves! We wrapped the mugs in simple white dotted cellophane tied with ribbon, and the kids can’t wait to hand deliver the gifts to their teachers at school tomorrow.

Cashew Bark Holiday Gifts

Shhhh – don’t tell the kids, but I made a BIG batch so we’d have some left over and I’ve already hidden most of it for later. I may even decide to share!


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  1. Oh my – the teachers will be so happy with that delicious looking gift. I’ve also checked out your recipe at $5 Dinners and plan to make some for myself! Great gift idea!

  2. Looks yummy and you got me at TWO ingredients!!! But the link is not working! It says the page is not available 🙁

  3. Shoot! This has been a week for web problems! I just double checked the link and it is correct, but I had to refresh the page before it would come up 🙁 Thanks for letting me know Lynette!

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