Make Your Favorite Shoes More Comfortable

Make Your Favorite Shoes More Comfortable

Shoes are one of my major weaknesses – I have a closet full of shoes and boots and I’d really hate to have to add up the total investment. But the point is that they really are an investment. Even though I have a lot of them, I actually don’t buy new shoes very often. Instead I prefer to choose classic styles and colors over fads and take good care of them so they’ll last a very long time.

Unfortunately, some of my most favorite shoes tend to be the least comfortable, especially by the end of a long day. For that reason, I really love to add my own arch supports to my best shoes to make them more comfortable. Adding arch support for shoes, like the foot petals shown above, helps to reduce foot fatigue by distributing your weight more evenly.

Since they’re very affordable, and I’m on my feet so much, I like to put arch supports in both flats and heels that are lacking in that area. I’ve tried both the reusable gel kind and the permanent ones and I prefer these stick-on kind because the permanent ones stay in place better and I don’t have to worry about cleaning and repositioning them. How about you? Do you use arch supports, or have any other tips on making your shoes more comfortable? I’d love to hear from you!

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