Make 40 Gallons of Bleach Just $10 Shipped!

Here is a fabulous deal on a Lot of 4 Packs of Magichem Bleach Tablets to Make 40 Gallons of Bleach!  I love this idea for easily storing bleach in the stockpile – each one of these tablets makes a gallon of bleach, all you have to do is add a tablet to a gallon of warm water and you’re ready to go.  Just mix it when you need it and you’ll save a bunch of storage space, plus there are lots of other uses for the tablets.  Toss one in the toilet and let it set for 10 minutes then rinse for a sparkling bowl.  Down here in the humid south we have problems with algae growing in the condensation pan and line for the air conditioner.  I learned the expensive way that you can just toss one of these tablets in the condensation pan each year and then you won’t have to call the A/C repair man for that particular problem!  Get 4 packs, or 40 tablets, for just $9.95 plus free shipping – that is 50% off the retail price of $20 for the tablets, and more than 75% off than if you were to buy 40 bottles of bleach.  What a great way to kick off (or finish up) your spring cleaning!

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