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Nobody ever got rich doing online surveys, but you can make a few extra bucks here and there plus you can get products to try out and review and even gifts and prizes on occasion.  Here is a list of legitimate survey sites that you may want to check out if you’ve got some spare time you wouldn’t mind trading for some spare cash.

Inbox Dollars – Get cash rewards for taking surveys, playing games and reading email – plus new enrollees get $5 just for signing up!  I do their email ones all the time because they’re easy.

Mindfield – You’ll get lots of invitations from them, just take them up on the ones you want to do – some of them lead to free trials. 

Nielsen Consumer Panel – This is an awesome program, if you’re accepted you’ll earn points for doing surveys and for scanning the things that you buy.  You can turn around and use those points to buy all kinds of cool stuff from their online catalog.  (I’m a member of the panel and I enjoy doing their surveys and scanning my stuff!)

Panda Research – Earn $3 to $75 for each survey that you complete and 3¢ to 25¢ for every email you read!

Survey4Profit – Cash payouts can range from $10 to $250 per survey completed. Prizes include Plasma screen televisions, iPods, computers and cars. 

Toluna – Earn cash for taking surveys and test free products!

Zoom Panel – Get paid $5 to $75 to take surveys plus you can get paid to review new products.


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  1. I’ve had a lot of luck with Opinion Outpost, although lately I haven’t been qualifying for many surveys. You can request a check once you reach $5 and each survey is normally at least worth a dollar. I’ve made almost $90 so far with them. Another good one I’ve found is Lightspeed. You can redeem points for gift cards and they also send money directly via paypal. I’ve gotten $30 via paypal from them so far. I’ve been doing both of these sites for a couple of months. I also just recently signed up for Synovate and they just sent me a full size Pantene shampoo & conditioner and after 4 weeks, they are going to email me with a survey.

  2. Thanks for this post.
    Thanks Sarah for the extra input! I’m going to try Synovate.

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