Late Spring Cleaning with Mean Green

Disclosure – This post was sponsored by Mean Green, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Late Spring Cleaning with Mean Green

While we like to keep the house as clean as possible all year round, I always like to tackle those projects each spring that seem to get missed during the year. It’s already getting pretty darn hot out but it’s technically still spring and I found a couple more things that needed a good cleaning like the outside of these patio doors. With so many kids handing slamming this door shut every day I wanted to be sure it was clean and bacteria free so I used Mean Green Anti-Bacterial Multi-Surface Cleaner to cut through this tough grease and grime while killing 99.9% of germs. I simply sprayed the door with the cleaner and wiped the grime away, I couldn’t believe it didn’t take a bunch of scrubbing to clean this mess.

Late Spring Cleaning with Mean Green

Since I rarely look up while I’m in there I didn’t realize that the vent in the laundry room had mildew growing on it, but I’m not surprised since there is a lot of moisture in that room and we live in humid Florida. For this job I used Mean Green Mildew Destroyer and it really lives up to its name! These icky spots wiped right off after I sprayed them.

The best part though is how good I feel after I get these kinds of cleaning projects done, I know that the house is clean and it looks and smells great!

Mean Green

Have you tried Mean Green cleaning products yet? Which is your favorite?


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