iPhone 6 Giveaway from Baby’s Brilliant

Babys Brilliant Donates to Breast Cancer

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Baby’s Brilliant is donating 25% of their proceeds this month because they are here to make a difference!  The people at Baby’s Brilliant are parents so they know the many things we through as parents! Check out the app they created to ease the pain for many parents and help calm their little loved ones, especially when they are just going through the blues. The app has videos of every day life for babies and toddlers set to classical music, from the most beloved composers. The children learn while being entertained and the app is even available in several languages

You can help them accomplish some of the amazing things they are doing like giving away iPads at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles by supporting their app. Even a small purchase of their products through the app store will go a long way! Now Baby’s Brilliant is also giving you the chance to win an iPhone 6 – simply do as many of the things in the list below as you’d like. The more entries, the higher your chances of winning!

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