Introduction to Freezer Cooking

Freezer cooking is the process of preparing multiple meals in advance to be stored in the freezer until the future date when you plan to serve them, like this simple lemon chicken that my family devoured.  You can make one extra meal for the freezer or thirty, it’s up to you and your schedule, but the benefits of cooking in bulk are huge.  Making multiple meals will save you both time and money – and for my family of seven it’s become a real life (and sanity) saver!  It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to check the freezer inventory list and see a nice selection of prepared meals that can be ready with very little effort.

Whether you’re doubling a recipe with a plan to freeze the leftovers, or you intend to cook ahead for the next month, planning is the key to a successful freezer cooking day.  You’ll need to make a list of all the recipes that want to prepare, plus another list of all the ingredients that you’ll need.  Your next step is to compare the list with the items in your pantry or stockpile, and mark off the things that you already have.  If you’re new to freezer cooking, try starting out small so you don’t get overwhelmed.  For example, with five children under six running around our house, we rarely get many productive hours in a row so we like to plan half days where we make 12-15 meals at a time. 

To get ready for our freezer cooking days, I typically select seven entrée recipes, adjust the ingredients to feed our large family, then double each one so that we end up with fourteen meals.  I choose similar recipes, like all beef or all chicken meals, which really helps to speed up the process.  Visit these freezer cooking recipe sites for some inspiration on meals your family will enjoy, and start bookmarking or printing them so you’ll be ready for my next freezer cooking post on how to prep for the big day!

Friendly Freezer – bulk cooking Yahoo group.

Frozen Assets – cook for a day, eat for a month Yahoo group.

Make Ahead Meals – Yahoo group for make ahead, freezer and mega meals.

Organized Home Freezer Cookbook – freezer cooking recipes.

RecipeZaar – cooking on a budget, make ahead, and freezer cooking forum.


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