Interested in Starting Your Own Restaurant Business?

Whether you’re starting your first restaurant or looking for a new place to relocate your existing business, you probably already realize that location will be a critical factor in your success. But how can you decide where the perfect spot really is? Here are five tips for choosing a restaurant venue.

1: Population

How many people live around your chosen location? Are you in a dense part of downtown or tucked into an out-of-the-way corner of the suburbs? You’ll want somewhere that enjoys plenty of foot traffic.

2: Parking

Where will your customers park? Scout the location and consider things like safety and shade. You should also do a count and make sure that you have enough parking spots to accommodate a full house if everything goes well and you wind up doing major business.

3: Deliveries

What local farmers or manufacturers will you be ordering from in the long term? Will they charge extra shipping or mileage costs if your venue is far away? Consider upfront costs as well, like refrigerator deliveries and the shipping of essential restaurant equipment parts.

4: Accessibility

Is it easy to reach your restaurant? Are you off the freeway or in the middle of a strip mall? The hungry hordes should be able to quickly descend on your kitchens, else they might take their empty stomachs elsewhere.

5: Visibility

Will your restaurant be noticeable in its surroundings? What else is competing for visual attention? Standing out is one of the most important parts of attracting business, so make sure your establishment doesn’t fade into the background.


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