I’m Heading Home from BlogHer

Whew – I’ve learned a lot and had tons of fun in NYC this week during the BlogHer conference, but now I’m tired and blistered and missing my young’ns so I’m happy to be heading home.  I’m in a taxi on the way to the airport trying to figure out how to share some pix of me with a couple of celebrities I met.  Bruce Jenner was just so nice to me and I was very pleasantly surprised.  He was there on behalf of Tropicana and there were quite a few people waiting to meet him, but he graciously took the time to ask me lots of questions about where I’m from and about my kids/quads.  However, I’m sure I’ll get much more street cred with the kids once they see that I made friends with Dora 😉


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  1. Hey Denise! Hope you got home safely. One of the highlights of BlogHer for me was meeting you and your Mom. Keep in touch! Stella

  2. WOW! You are so cute! I’m sure the kiddies will all want a picture of Mommy and Dora!

  3. Hello Stella! We spent the day in the airport yesterday with one delay after another but it was actually a very nice trip – didn’t stink getting home after the kids bedtime 😉 I enjoyed hanging out with you and look forward to seeing you next year in San Diego! I will definitely be keeping in touch with you.

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