How To Tell If Your Eggs Are Fresh

For years my husband and I have had an ongoing disagreement about our eggs – he believes that you shouldn’t use eggs past the date on the carton, and I say that it is a ‘sell by’ date and the eggs are actually good for awhile after that date.  But for how long?  And if I’m right, how do you know when it’s time to toss them out?  My mom tells me that the brighter the yolk, the fresher the egg, but I really wanted a more scientific answer to end the argument so I went to good folks at Better Homes and Gardens.  They tell us you can test the freshness of your eggs by gently placing them in a bowl of cold water.  Fresh eggs will drop to the bottom and lie on their sides, somewhat fresh eggs will bob around in the water while standing up, and old eggs will float – those are the ones that should be tossed.

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  1. this is some VERY good informtion. The problem with checking the yokes after breaking the egg, is that it’s probably already gone into the cake or into a bowl of other eggs for scrambled eggs, etc. The “float” test is a super way to check freshness BEFORE you break the egg open.

  2. This definitely works. My mother-in-law grew up on a farm and this was the method she passed on to me. Little things like this add up to big savings over the year.

  3. Thanks Kc! I’ve definitely learned something new 🙂 You’re right, it all adds up!

  4. Ha! Learned something new today. I’ve never tested our purchased eggs for their freshness, I just trust that they are because they’re usually used immediately. But great info!

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