How to Take a Cruise on a Budget

How to Take a Cruise on a Budget

Taking a cruise is something many people dream of doing someday. What stops most people is the old ideas that going on a cruise is only for those that have a lot of money. The simple truth is, cruises can be very affordable vacation options for many different budgets and in most cases, there are customization options for your particular budget. If you are dreaming of sailing away on a cruise, here are some tips on how to take a cruise on a budget.

How to Take a Cruise on a Budget

Be Very Flexible

This doesn’t just include dates that you will go, but destinations as well. Sometimes, you can get a cruise deal for far less if you are rigid on where you want to go. Sometimes, for whatever reason, a boat isn’t as full as the company would like it and they will drop the price to get more people to join and if you are flexible on when and where you go, you can hop on board (no pun intended) the best deal when you see it.

Book Last Minute

This is one time you want to wait until the wire to book. Cruises make more money when there are more people on board and if they have many empty cabins close to the time the ship leaves, they will often heavily discount these fares. Also, you may want to ask a travel agent as they may know more than you can find online. Sometimes, they can even get you a sweeter deal.

Go Off Season

Cruise ships have something called “Re-positioning cruises” and these are simply when the company moves the boats back during the off season to get them ready for peak season. They are often far cheaper.

Book With a Smaller Ship

Smaller ships cost less because they often don’t have as many luxury details like spas and as many restaurants on board. These can be a great option if you are OK with skipping these things that aren’t really necessary anyway.

Don’t Eat at Special Restaurants

Don’t eat at the special restaurants on board. With most cruise ticket prices, you will get food included on board in the form of buffets or certain places you are allowed to eat. The food isn’t bad and it is definitely enough so you don’t need to pay more for the other restaurants.

Skip the Drinks

Do your cruise alcohol free and skip soda, too, or bring your own. Cruises are notorious for charging high prices on alcohol and soda. Don’t give in and buy it! Instead, ask what the cruise’s policy is on bringing your own aboard. Most lines will allow a certain amount to be taken with you.

Miss the Excursions

Don’t include costly excursions and instead do some research and plan your own fun. Cruises make money on these expensive off shore excursions because they are counting on you to not do any research on what there is to do in the area. Instead, figure out what you can do when you get there but make sure you are back in time or the boat will leave without you!

Go Internet and Cell Phone Free

You would think with how used to having internet available everywhere we go that it works the same on a boat, but the reality is, they know you will want to share your experiences as you are vacationing and that most people find it hard to live without a cell phone or the internet for a week that they gouge people on the price of being able to do so. Skip it. Take lots of pictures and share when you get home. You’re supposed to be on vacation anyway, right?


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