How to Score the Best Deals on Home Appliances

How to Score the Best Deals on Home Appliances

Are you in the market for some new appliances? It seems as though when one goes out, they all go out! If you need to start appliance shopping but don’t want to go broke in the process, take a look below at how to score the best deals on home appliances. When you keep a couple of these tips and tricks in mind, you can score some amazing deals and get the most appliance bang for your buck.

1) Consider a scratch and dent model.

Many appliance centers have scratch and dent models that may have experienced some flaws during shipping, so they are now reduced. These can be anything from a simple scratch to a pin sized dent. Ask your sales rep to show you any scratch and dent models so you can get a new but slightly flawed appliance for much less.

2) Buy a prior year model.

It is always wise to buy an appliance once the latest model has come out. This way you can purchase a previous model at a nice reduction. Stores will be anxious to clear out the old models, so now is the perfect time to make a great deal.

3) Look for an energy efficient appliance.

Energy efficient appliances may entitle you to a tax deduction, plus you will also save money on utilities over the course of its usage. Many stores offer regular sales on these types of appliances as well, in hopes of convincing consumers to make more ecologically friendly choices.

4) Shop on a holiday weekend.

Many stores tend to give big discounts on holiday weekends, in hopes of getting consumers to leave their cookouts and come in and shop. These weekends include Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July weekend and other warm weather holidays. Keep an eye on sales ads during these holiday weekends and see what deals you can grab!

5) Consider second hand options.

People get rid of appliances for all sorts of reasons, whether it be they are moving or need a bigger model. Don’t rule out second hand options as you can find some great deals on appliances that are gently used. Check Craigslist, Ebay, and local Facebook sale pages for your best options.

6) Ask for a lowest price guarantee.

Some appliance stores will offer you a lowest price guarantee, and will offer you an additional discount if you can find a lower price. Check your sales ads and do your homework, so you can be sure you are finding the lowest price, and shop from a store that offers a guarantee, so you know you are getting the best deal. I’ve personally used this technique to get a great online price at a local store.

7) Simply ask for a better price.

This one can be hard, but all you have to say is, “What is your best price on this appliance.” You can also say, “Is there any wiggle room on the price?” or “Will this be marked down anytime soon?” When you ask these questions you may get a lower deal, and all you have to do is ask. Most appliance stores are willing to negotiate and if they won’t, find one that does.

Are you ready to get the best deals on appliances? Give these tips for how to save money on appliances a try and see what you can save.


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