How to Save with the Whataburger Rewards App

How to Save with the Whataburger Rewards App

Proudly serving the “bigger, better burger” since 1950, Whataburger never fails to please with our old favorites in addition to new flavor offerings like their salted caramel milkshakes and avocado bacon burgers. Since they’re open 24/7, Whataburger tends to get a lot of my business so I’m happy that they now have a smartphone app to help save money on my fast food splurges!

How to Save with the Whataburger Rewards App

While you can’t place an order (yet) through the Whataburger Rewards app, you can see the entire menu and all nutritional information, and you can easily find the location nearest you. You CAN use the app to pay for your orders by loading funds to it from a credit/debit card, Whataburger gift card or Apple Pay. Simply scan the barcode on your app to pay at the counter or window.

How to Save with the Whataburger Rewards App

It’s super easy to earn rewards with the Whataburger app, all you have to do is click the barcode button from the home screen and show it to the cashier to scan. A coworker and I learned the other day that if you place separate orders you’ll only get credit for one every three hours, unless the other person also has the app of course. So next time we go to lunch together she’ll be ready to earn some free goodies too! After every fifth visit you will be able to choose from one of five free rewards – a small milkshake, medium fry, cinnamon roll, honey butter chicken biscuit or any flavor Taquito with cheese.

How to Save with the Whataburger Rewards App

To redeem your rewards simply tell the cashier when ordering which of these five items you’d like and have your barcode ready to scan. Visits count for a rolling year, however once you’ve earned a free reward it will only be available in your account for sixty days so make sure you don’t miss out!

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  1. Randy Jackson says

    Not being able to scan a bar code when i get my reciept is to an issue with me. check out the other fast foods places. they seem to understand how it should work. i dont always remember to show my phone so i loose out.

  2. I totally agree! Whataburger just recently did add this feature though, if you click on the Rewards tab you’ll see “Add a Visit with a Receipt” in the lower part of the page. Don’t miss out on those points!

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