How to Save on Moving Costs

How to Save on Moving CostsAre you moving to a new home or office building soon? As you probably know by now, moving to a new place is no joke, especially in terms of finances. The great news is that moving your belongings doesn’t have to cost you a whole lot of money. Here are some simple and practical ways to save money on your moving costs:

1) Avoid purchasing boxes.

The cost of boxes can quickly add up—and boxes are one expense that could truly make or break your overall moving budget. Instead of buying dozens of boxes for your belongings, why not get them for free? Check out your local grocery store or wholesale club, as these establishments will likely be willing to part with them once they’ve stocked the shelves.

There are other places you might be able to score some free boxes. Ask friends and family. Visit the various shoe stores, restaurants, and various other stores in your neighborhood. It’s worth a try!

2) Forego the bubble wrap.

Bubble wrap is not only bad for the environment, but it’s also very expensive. Instead of going for such a costly packing material, why not wrap your items in towels, sheets and newspapers?

3) Get rid of the junk.

Moving house is a great excuse to truly look at everything you own and weed out the items you no longer need or want. Take the opportunity to declutter your home before moving to a new one. There may be appliances, pieces of furniture, and various household items you’d rather sell or give away. With fewer items, you’ll need fewer supplies and boxes and may even need a smaller truck!

4) Pack your own things.

Due to time constraints, a number of people hire professionals to pack their belongings for them. It may seem tempting, but imagine the fortune you’ll save by packing your own belongings. If you live a busy life, do your best to start as early as possible. Start with a room that you don’t usually use or belongings you can start putting away. Examples of things you can start with are photo albums and books.

5) Ask for help.

Sure, you need to hire a moving truck for your bigger items, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also ask for help from your close relatives and friends. With a few extra hands and cars to help out with the big move, you’ll be able to save on the costs of movers and moving vans. Just be sure to treat your handy helpers to a good meal!

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