How to Save Money on Your Cable Bill

How to Save Money on Your Cable Bill

When it comes to places we think to make cuts in our budget, the Cable Bill is often high on the list. Most people will admit they pay way more for cable than they would like and the good news is that you can easily save money on your cable bill!

The most dramatic way to save money on your cable bill is to ditch it completely. With live streaming, more and more families are opting to ditch cable and go with streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. If your family is not big on watching the latest episodes on TV this is a great option for you. We use a Roku to easily switch back and forth between Amazon Prime and our other favorite streaming services.

Drop the movie and sports channels. Choosing to stream movies gives you more control and saves you a bunch of money. Gather your friends to watch the big game and save even more cash.

One great way to save on your cable bill is to simply call and ask for a deal. Often when we first sign up we join with a contract for 1 to 2 years. When this contract is up your deal often goes away and the price of your cable service skyrockets. Give your cable provider a call and arrange to get a deal again. If they refuse don’t be afraid to switch to a new provider. When you say you will they will usually send you to the customer retention department where you will get a deal.

Bundle services to save money. By pairing your phone, cable, and internet with the same provider you can often score deep discounts.

Buy your own modem to save on your cable bill. Many cable companies charge a monthly rental fee for your cable modem but you can get around this by purchasing an approved model. Get the list and shop around for a deal. Usually in under a year, the device will pay for itself making each month after a savings.


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  1. Great tips! Any way to save money and I’m on it. 🙂 Have too many other things to pay for.

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