How to Save Money on Sports Equipment

How to Save Money on Sports Equipment

Many of us enter parenthood not really knowing what to expect when our kids start playing sports. As a child, you don’t really count the cost of what playing sports adds up to, you just play. Normally, the parents are the ones forking over the money for sports equipment. No matter what sport your child plays, there are some ways you can save on sports equipment.

Shop second hand

You know that I was going to go here. You can always save more money by going second hand. There are even sports stores dedicated to reusing and reselling sports equipment and you can also check local thrift stores. Before you buy new, always check this out first.

Buy online

Buying online is almost always cheaper than buying in person. Amazon and Ebay are good places to look. However, there are also online stores dedicated to selling sports equipment.

Facebook garage sale groups

Once a sports season is over, you see parents trying to recoup some of what they spent on buying brand new sports equipment. You can get some great deals this way, especially if you shop right after the season and don’t wait until the next season starts. I also try to keep an eye out for bargains on sports equipment that we will need in the upcoming years since sports equipment is definitely worth storing.

Local garage sales

A hidden gem for saving money on sports equipment is to head to local garage sales. You can even go into places like Goodwill to find sports equipment. It’s like you need to go out searching for it though because you NEVER know what you will find. I also ask my friends to keep an eye out for me when we need specific things and I do the same for them.

Ask for a discount code

Do you have a used sports equipment store near you? There is no shame in asking for a small discount. Any amount of money is worth saving for a small inconvenience of asking. You could get a NO, but you could also get a YES. It’s always worth asking in my book.

Saving money on sports equipment comes down to shopping early, looking for the best price, and maybe even asking for a discount code. How do you save money on sports equipment?


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  1. Oh my gosh, sports are so expensive!!!!!
    Right when one ends another begins.
    Great tips. We have a sports swap which really helps but it needs to be grown. We shop a lot do second han led as well.

  2. These are great tips. My sons lacrosse rec team had a swap where people could either swap old equipment or sell it. It was great!


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