How to Save Money on Lunch at the Office

How to Save Money on Lunch at the Office

The average employee can spend quite a bit of money on lunch, especially if he or she chooses to dine out every single day. If you’re trimming down your daily expenses, one of the places you can start is your office lunches. Here are some simple ways to save money on lunches at the workplace:

1) Bring a packed lunch.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with bringing a packed lunch from home. One of the simplest ways to do this is by setting aside a portion of the previous night’s dinner for your lunch the next day. You can also wake up a bit earlier each day to prepare a sandwich for you to eat later on.

2) Go potluck.

Bring up the idea of a weekly potluck lunch at the office with your co-workers. Everyone can bring one dish from home to be shared with everyone else. You’ll get a wider variety of homemade dishes and it won’t have to cost a thing. If the idea of a potluck lunch is a hit, you can do it more than once a week!

3) Pool your lunch money.

Once in a while, treat yourself to some takeout food. Pool your lunch money with your co-workers, and then order some pizza, sub sandwiches or Chinese food to share. Splitting the food (and the bill) will allow you to enjoy the experience of dining out at a fraction of the cost.

4) Eat at home.

Is your workplace within walking or biking distance to your home? If so, head home and have lunch with the family. You’ll not only save on the cost of dining out, but you’ll also get a change of atmosphere, some fresh air and exercise, and will even save on gas money.

5) Store snacks at the office.

Many nutritionists and diet plans suggest eating several small meals throughout the day instead of three larger ones. Store a few (healthy) snacks or meal bars in your drawer to help curb your appetite between breakfast and dinner. This way, you won’t be starving when lunchtime comes around, and you won’t overspend and you won’t eat more than you should.

6) Take a closer look at your budget.

If packing lunches or eating at home aren’t an option, then at least take a closer look at your daily expenses. Set a reasonable lunch budget for the week and stick to it. With a strict lunch budget, you’ll find yourself stretching your money instead of spending it all on just one meal.

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