How to Save and Earn With MyPoints

This week I want to share with you guys a site that I have been a part of for several years, and one where I have earned hundreds of dollars! is an online shopping site that offers all sorts of exclusive savings to the stores you know and love, and awards points for each purchase. Once you accumulate enough points, you can redeem free gift cards to your choice of over a hundred stores, restaurants, and charities. And it’s completely free to join!

There are two main things that I love about MyPoints. The first is that it truly is helpful whether you’re looking for a specific product, searching for hot deals, or even just browsing. MyPoints itself doesn’t sell anything, and gets most of it’s business from satisfied shoppers, so they want to show you the very BEST of what they have to offer. It makes online shopping (and saving) easy for even the technologically illiterate.

The second wonderful thing about MyPoints is that you can participate – and earn gift cards – without spending a cent! I don’t do a whole lot of online shopping (other than right before Christmas, when the deals are unbelievable!), and have still had several hundred dollars in gift cards sent to me, all for free! With a struggling economy, getting a free gift card for your daily expenses can really help to stretch your budget without making huge sacrifices.

When you sign up for MyPoints, they send you a few emails a day. You can click through the ads for points, take surveys for points, and make purchases for LOTS of points. I love saving up points and treating myself to the occasional Macy’s shopping spree, or getting a gift card towards gas and save myself that expense. So even if you’re not a big online shopper, is certainly a site to check out to find low prices and high rewards.

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