How to Reduce Food Waste and Save Money on Groceries

How to Reduce Food Waste and Save Money on GroceriesThere are plenty of ways to save money on food. Some families choose to coupon and buy in bulk, while other families stick to a basic grocery list and avoid purchasing anything not on that list. While these tricks work, it is also possible to save money by purchasing just enough for the family and avoiding any waste. Here are some tips on reducing food waste that will help you save money:

1) Go to the grocery store once a week.

Save time (and gas) by only going grocery shopping once a week or even once every two weeks. If your meal planning skills aren’t quite honed, do your shopping one or two days ahead of time. As you master the art of meal planning, you can buy enough groceries for longer periods of time.

2) Regularly inspect the contents of your kitchen.

Check the contents of your fridge, freezer and pantry every few days to ensure that you use anything nearing the end of its safe storage or expiration period. It may help to make a running list of the items in your shelves and freezer and their “best before” dates.

3) Swap your goods around.

Regularly rotate the boxed and canned goods on your shelves so that the items in the back don’t remain unopened. Food items at the back of the shelves are often the ones that get too old to be eaten, because you’ve forgotten that they are even there.

4) Be realistic about your meal plan.

As you plan your meals for the week, be realistic about how much time you will actually have to cook and prepare your dishes. Don’t buy lots of fresh produce if you know you won’t be able to use it right away. Opt to purchase produce that have longer storage lives, or buy frozen foods that don’t easily spoil. You may also want to designate which days you’ll be able to spend more time cooking, and which days you’ll be bringing out the slow cooker.

Follow the abovementioned steps and you’ll be able to reduce a lot more food waste and saveg much more on your groceries. Just a few simple practices can truly make a big difference!

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