How to Protect Your Computer from Viruses for Free

How to Protect Your Computer from Viruses for Free

We all want our computers in tip top shape. We want them to be fast and work well without annoying popups and other issues caused by viruses. The best way to maintain a well-running computer is to protect it from getting a virus. The good news is you can protect your computer from viruses for free!

Set your computer up with a good free antivirus like Avast as soon as you get it. This will help prevent your computer from falling prey to the most common viruses. If you haven’t done this yet it’s never too late, but don’t be surprised when the first scan pulls up a few things you had on your computer already. Avast is a great free antivirus that will find and contain viruses, alert you to them, and give you options on how you wish to deal with them.

Install browser protection. Most anti-virus programs offer browser extensions that will let you know if a link is untrusted or is a site is safe for you to browse without issues. these add-ons go a long way to protect your device from malicious viruses.

Keep your computer up to date. Keep your system updated as well as your browser, add-ons, and antivirus protections. Many of these updates are to block new viruses and doors into your computer that hackers have created. Leaving these updates sitting leaves your computer open to known issues.  Yes, some of these updates bring big changes you may not like. I get that trust me but, sometimes those changes just have to happen so you can have the protection you need.

Don’t click the click bait. You will notice a lot of things on the web have titles made to entice you to click things like “You won’t believe what so and so is doing now…” Don’t click it. These are the types of things packed with viruses that can infect your computer. Likewise, skip the spam-like links you receive on Facebook. Odds are your friend was hacked and if you click that link you could be next.

Beware of downloads. The biggest way to have your device infected is through downloading files that contain viruses. The best prevention for this is to be careful when downloading files. Use anti-virus software that will check files before downloading from emails, websites, and services. That means skip the pirated movies, and games. Are they really worth crashing your computer, losing vital files, and having information stolen?


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