How to Make Homemade Meal Kits at Home

How to Make Homemade Meal Kits at Home

We’ve all seen the commercials for the fancy meal kits that are supposed to make cooking easier. But what if you could create your own meal kits at home? Not only would you save money, but you’d have meals that you actually wanted to eat. Let’s take a closer look at how to make homemade meal kits at home.

Purchase Containers

First things first. You want to have meal prep containers to put your ingredients in so that when it comes time to cook, everything is measured out and ready to go. This is the key to meal kits. When everything is ready to go, cooking is so much easier – even on the busiest nights. You can purchase whatever containers you like, but make sure you get a variety of sizes. You should also purchase some zip-top bags for storing meat.

Plan Meals With Similar Ingredients

Something that will lower the price of your meal kits is to plan meals that use similar ingredients. This ensures that everything is getting used and nothing is going to waste. For example, if chicken is on sale that week, plan two or three meals that use chicken.

Prep Everything You Can

Most ingredients can be prepared in advance for your meal kit. You can clean and chop vegetables, cut your meat, and measure out spices. Once everything is measured and prepped, pop it into your containers. You can put all your spices together in one container, in most cases, to save space.

Spend One Day Prepping

Speaking of prepping. It’s great to spend one day a week prepping all your meals. For example, you might spend Sunday afternoon prepping your ingredients so that you have meal kits through the week.

Attach a Recipe, If Needed

If you’re creating kits using recipes you’ve never made, attach the recipe to one of the containers. That way you don’t even have to hunt for the recipe when you’re ready to cook dinner.

Store Everything Together

Last, but not least, store everything together. A great tip is to place everything on a cookie sheet. Then you can just slide the kit out and get started. If you’re making a large number of kits, you may want to use storage containers that will hold all your smaller containers. That way you can easily stack your kits.

Meal kits can be an excellent way to ensure that homemade meals are easy to cook. If you want to save money, why not make meal kits at home?


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