How to Make $100/Hour Clipping Coupons


The Wall Street Journal  put out an excellent article this week entitled “Doing the Math on Coupons” by Brett Arends who writes the daily Return On Investment column.  Arends calculates that it takes approximately one minute to clip and redeem each coupon, and based on an average coupon value of $1.44, that equates to $86.40 an hour before taxes.  Since it isn’t actually earned income and no taxes are taken out Arends says that based on your bracket, you would have to earn between $108 and $123 an hour before taxes to equal an hour’s worth of couponing.  He also points out that the more coupons you use, the less time it will take for each one, therefore the hourly rate is even higher for strategic couponers!  It was also very interesting to read that even though the number of coupons put out by companies doubled last year, the redemption rate is still only 1 percent.  Read the article for more coupon facts and statistics.


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  1. This is so awesome, it makes the whole thing that much sweeter!!! Thanks for posting it!!!


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