How to Get a Better Deal on Consumer Electronics

Are you shopping for consumer electronics anytime soon? Prices of electronics can get very expensive. If you’re a lover of getting items at a discounted price, then this article is for you! Here are some tips on getting a better deal on consumer electronics:

1) Negotiate discreetly.

Ask a salesman for a better price in a loud voice, and chances are, the customer or salesman next to you will hear you. Salesmen can’t afford to give discounts to every single person who asks for it, so be discreet when negotiating. Your salesman will appreciate it and will be more willing to help you!

2) The end of the month is a good time to negotiate.

Negotiate prices on the last day of the month. At this point, salesmen are often just looking to close a sale in order to meet their monthly quotas and earn any possible bonuses.

3) Negotiate on higher end products.

Entry-level electronics have little very markup, which will give salesmen less room to work around. If you’re looking at a high-end model of a particular item, however, you’re more likely to get a discounted rate.

4) Do research beforehand.

Check out prices online. Print out some of the lower deals you can get on the product you are eyeing and bring these printouts with you when shopping. Don’t expect stores to match this price—as internet retailers do not usually offer a manufacturer’s warranty—but the salesman will know that you did your research and you will likely get a price lower than what is written on the tag.

5) Negotiate on other things.

Price isn’t the only thing you can negotiate on. If, for example, you are purchasing a brand new TV or home theater system, then why not ask if they can give you some accessories for free? You can also ask for free delivery or installation.

These are five tips to getting a better deal on consumer electronics. Remember not to go too far. Don’t be pushy or give ultimatums. Treat salesmen kindly and they will be just as kind to you in return.

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