How to Get a Better Deal at Flea Markets and Yard Sales

Flea markets and yard sales are wonderful places to get fantastic bargains on both everyday items and rare objects. The best part about shopping at such places is that it’s often possible to get an even better deal on some great items.  Here are some tips for shopping at flea markets and yard sales:

1) Dress down.

Dress the part. Don’t expect to get a discount if you’re wearing clothes with designer labels. Why should a seller believe that you only have a certain amount of money when you aren’t dressed like it?

2) Ask for a discount.

How will you get a discount if you don’t ask for it? It’s possible that the vendor will say no—but there’s nothing wrong with asking and giving it a try.

3) Don’t haggle too low.

Don’t risk insulting the seller by offering a ridiculously low price. You can try starting with an offer at half to two thirds of the price, then work your way from there.

4) Be polite.

Keep in mind that you aren’t arguing with the seller—you are negotiating. Be amiable and the seller will be kind to you in return. A flea market vendor might just remember you the next time you shop at their store.

5) Buy several items.

Do you see a lot of things you like? You’ll get a better deal if you’re purchasing several items instead of just one.

6) Point out flaws.

Another trick to shopping at yard sales and flea markets is to politely show any flaws or signs of damage or wear and tear. Be careful not to be overly critical of the merchandise!

7) Shop at the end of the day.

If you aren’t looking for anything in particular, opt to shop at the end of the day. Vendors are tired and may simply want to get rid of whatever stock is left. This especially holds true for yard sales. A seller would rather sell an item for dirt-cheap than pack it up again.

There’s no need to be embarrassed about asking for a few dollars off on a particular item. Keep in mind that secondhand sellers actually expect you to haggle for a better price. Try out these tips and enjoy the great deals!

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