How to Choose the Perfect Boat Lift

pontoon_cradle_kit_1_1024x1024If you have a boat, a boat lift is pretty much a requirement if you want to move your vessel from land to the water. Owning one of these lifts helps to prolong the life of your watercraft by protecting it from the ground, water damage, and more. Choosing the right boat lift for your vehicle can be tricky, especially when you consider the size of your boat and where your boat is stored. If you need some help purchasing the correct lift, try following these tips.

Weigh Your Watercraft

Weight is probably the most important factor when purchasing a boat lift. Your lift will need to be able to accommodate the weight of your boat, otherwise it may fail while trying to lift the vessel. While the weight of your actual boat should be included in the paperwork that comes with it, you’ll need to account for everything else – including fuel, items you keep on board, special additions, and water in wells or a ballast. All of this should be added together to get an accurate weight for your boat lift.

Finding the Right Spot

Another factor that needs to be considered is the area where the lift will be placed. The water will need to be deep enough in order to install a lift and move your boat. Water cannot be too shallow or too deep – you’ll need to find the sweet spot. This usually means an area with 2′-9′ of water. This will ensure you have enough room for the lift to be setup, as well as room for your boat to float without scraping the bottom.

Measuring Your Boat

The last very important piece of information you’ll need are the measurements of your boat. The measurement that is most important is the width of your boat. This is going to be needed in order to determine how wide your lift must be in order to park your watercraft inside. The measurements of your boat should be included on any paperwork that came with the purchase, but you may want to double check the measurements on your own to ensure they are accurate.

Picking the right boat lift can be tricky, but many professional companies, including Lunmar Boat Lifts, are willing to help you find the right one. Remember, it’s better to be prepared ahead of time so your lift will work for a very long time.


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