How Do You Feel About State Vehicle Inspections?

Car Maintenance

I’ve had a cold for over a week and it’s been bothering me more than usual when I get behind a smelly vehicle while driving. It’s had me thinking about state vehicle inspections and why Alabama and Florida don’t have any (I live on the state line between the two). For that reason I started doing some research and it turns out that while 17 states have a periodic safety inspection program, only states with metropolitan areas that don’t meet air quality standards under the Clean Air Act of 1990 are required to implement vehicle emissions inspection programs.

For example, my aunt lives in Pennsylvania and is required to get the Pittsburgh state inspection on an annual basis. Since cars are inspected there each year, their owners are much more likely to keep them well maintained so they can legally stay on the road. Of course maintaining your vehicle also has other benefits like optimizing its performance, safety, fuel efficiency and it can even extend the life of your car to better protect your investment.

Does your state require periodic inspections? If so, how do you feel about that? If your state doesn’t require inspections, do you think they should? Although I’m not really a fan of creating more government requirements, I’ve seen more than a few vehicles on the road lately that make me think these inspections are a pretty good idea.

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