How Building Your Own Hanging Baskets Saves You Cash

How Building Your Own Hanging Baskets Saves You Cash

Do you love the look of hanging baskets? They can add the perfect pop of color to your yard, patio, or deck, and are fairly easy to tend to during the summer season. If you love hanging baskets, you might be wondering if it is cheaper to buy them premade or create them yourself. The truth is, creating your own baskets can save you some serious cash, while also making sure you are growing flowers ideal for your yard. To learn more, take a look below at how building your own hanging baskets saves you cash and can help you get more bang for your buck.

1) You pick flowers suitable for your sun.

Flower baskets when premade might contain flowers for both sun and shade. When you create your own, you can create a basket that is perfect for the amount of sun you get. You can add flowers that will flourish in shade (if using it on your porch) or ones that love the heat (if using it in an open area) so you always get what works for you and what will thrive for your area.

2) You can choose flowers that are easy to maintain.

If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, you don’t want high maintenance flowers. When you craft your own flower baskets, you can choose flowers that are suitable to the level of time you have to invest in them. This means greater success and a lesser chance of losing plants during the season which can result in wasted money.

3) You-fill baskets are nicer and more durable than premade baskets.

The metal hanging baskets with coconut liners can be cleaned and reused year after year, which saves you some serious cash. When you buy premade baskets they are typically in cheap plastic containers, which aren’t very decorative or sturdy. Instead, make your own and you will have nice baskets to refill from year to year.

4) You aren’t paying for labor.

When you buy a premade basket you are paying for the labor that went into it. Instead, create your own and you will not only get the look you love but you won’t have to pay for someone else’s labor to go into it. You also aren’t paying for extra embellishments such as plant picks, flags, ribbons, or any other decorative elements that often come with premade baskets.

5) You can choose cost efficient flowers.

Geraniums will always cost more than impatiens. Because of this, certain premade baskets cost more than others. When you craft your own hanging baskets, you can use flowers that are in your budget. There are many colorful and vibrant annuals that you can get for just pennies a piece, creating a basket that is budget friendly.

Are you ready to create beautiful hanging baskets that are exactly what YOU want and precisely in YOUR budget? These tips for building your own hanging baskets will save you cash and you’ll be proud to see your own handiwork hanging around your home!


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