Hot New Chuck E. Cheese Coupons!

Here are some hot new coupons available from Chuck E. Cheese that are just perfect for keeping the kids entertained, and keeping mom and dad cool (free A/C)!  Even though you don’t HAVE to eat while at Chuck E. Cheese, most of their coupons are for a combination of food and tokens – well I was happy to see these new coupons that are good through August 17th:

$25 – Large 1 topping pizza and 75 game tokens

$15 – Buy 60 tokens, get 30 free for a total of 90 tokens

$9 – 3 regular soft drinks and 30 game tokens

$6 – 2 regular soft drinks and 20 game tokens

Btw – I had heard that Chuck E. Cheese had recently redesigned their pizza recipe, but honestly I never went there for the pizza before so I didn’t think too much about it.  I was just there last weekend having a birthday party for my son and I was very pleasantly surprised at how good the pizza was!  It’s definitely different, it tastes fresher with lots of yummy cheese and the crust was fabulous, not at all like the cardboard it used to remind me of.  I would actually go back just for the pizza now, but the best part is still the looks on the kids’ faces when they get to go!


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  1. My boy FINALLY went potty and has stayed dry at daycare for TWO DAYS!!! We told him when he peed and pooed he goes to Chuck E Cheese…guess where we’re going TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That is SO COOL Janet! Congrats – and enjoy your evening at Chuck E. Cheese! I just had to share this picture from when my quads were potty training, what a TOUGH period to get through 🙂

  3. LOVE the pic!!! We had the BEST time last night!! He was in HEAVEN (partly due to the fact that Hubby and I are big ‘ole kids too) and was tuckered out still this morning!! Thanks for posting the coupons just in time!!!

  4. P.S. I cannot even imagine the challenge of potty training (or a visit to Chuck E Cheese for that matter) with 4 – wait 5!! – little ones!!!!!

  5. Awesome – I’m SO glad you guys had a great time! I shudder when I think back to that period of our lives, we had five in diapers for three years and can you believe – I didn’t start couponing until AFTER that 🙁 And yeah, it’s still like a minor military movement just taking them anywhere!

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