Hot Cover Girl Catalinas at Walgreens!

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There have been lots of people getting high value Cover Girl catalinas at Walgreens this week, I even got a couple myself.  My bloggy friend Christie at Wild For Wags has a theory that people are only getting the catalinas when they use a credit card to pay because its easier for them to track customer preferences with credit cards than with cash.  I think she’s right because I went to Walgreens twice this week and when I paid using a credit card the first trip I got the top two Cover Girl coupons.  When I went to a different store the next day and paid cash I didn’t get any catalinas, but I DID find the $5 one crumpled up in the buggy 😉  The great news is that all Cover Girl cosmetics will be B1G1 50% off next week so I’m holding these until then!  The catalinas read: 

-Save $2 on Cover Girl

  • Lipslicks Lipgloss
  • Wetslicks Lipgloss
  • Continuous Color Lipstick
  • Queen Collection Vibrant Hue Color

– Save $8 on Cover Girl

  • Tru Cheeks Blush, Tru Blend Bronzer & Pressed Powders or Liquid Make-up or Tru Blend Microminerals
  • Smoothers All Day Hydrating Makeup or Simply Powder Foundation
  • Ultimate Finish Liquid Powder Make-up or Aqua Smooth Compact Foundations
  • Advanced Radiance Liquid Make-up
  • Or Simply Ageless

– Save $5 on Cover Girl

  • Outlast Lipstain (my favorite!)
  • Outlast Lip Color
  • Or Shine Blast Lip Gloss


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  1. I used the $2 wetslicks coupon I got last week at Wags to make the wetslicks free at CVS this week with ECB’s!

  2. That’s awesome – I got the wetslicks at CVS also but I had to pay a buck for mine 😉

  3. Hey thanks for the heads up. 🙂 I clicked over here through your comment link at Wild For Wags. I picked up one of those $4.50 Covergirl cats in the parking lot, and was hoping maybe I could get some free mascara with it. (I don’t wear a lot of mascara, so I don’t want to pay for something I’ll only use twice before it goes bad. :p )

  4. PS: My cat reads:

    $4.50 off of Cover Girl…
    *Lash Exact, Volume Exact, Lash Blast Length or Exact Eyelights Mascara
    *Line Exact Liquid Liner or Exact Eyelights Liner
    *Exact Eyelights Eye Shadow or Smokey Shadows

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