Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!  I think I got the trick and the kids got the treats (thank goodness I have my own chocolate stockpile)!  We’ve had costumes and a plan for Halloween for quite awhile, and then in the past couple of days the kids have all been changing their minds about what they want to be for Halloween.  One of my princesses decided she wanted to be a frog and my two little commandos wanted to be vampires – so I had to convince my daughter that only princes turn into frogs not princesses and then went to four different stores to get vampire teeth.  Luckily we got an extra set because at the last minute my cowboy decided he wanted to be a ‘vampire cowboy’ and then refused to wear his hat or chaps.  Oh well, they had a blast and they’ve got enough candy for fifteen cavities!


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  1. How adorable I miss those days. My kids just dressed up to scare the neighborhood kids who came by. We were the talk of the neighborhood when my husband gave out full size snicker bars by mistake. We had tons of kids at my house in minutes.

  2. They looked adorable!!! Glad you had a wonderful Halloween!

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