Guest Review: Traveling After Retirement

My wife and I are retired, and we are traveling more now than ever. We love traveling in our car because we can proceed at our own pace. If we see an exciting site, we can stop and explore it. Traveling is one of the things that we were looking forward to the most about retirement. After our first year of travel, we received an unpleasant surprise. We were involved in a small accident, and we were very disappointed by the way that our car insurance company handled our claim.

We were determined to switch companies, and we noticed that the AARP recommended The Hartford. We’ve had good luck trusting the AARP’s recommendations before, so we decided to see what auto insurance options were available to us through The Hartford. We visited, and we found the site to be helpful and easy to read. I really liked being able to get a quote online from the comfort of my home. However, what really attracted me to The Hartford was their exceptional rates.

We were able to save hundreds of dollars a year by switching our auto insurance to The Hartford. After our unpleasant experience with our previous auto insurance company, we wanted to select a company that was committed to quality customer service. The Hartford has not let us down! Their agents are friendly, and it is easy to talk to someone on the phone when I have a question. We have had a great experience so far with The Hartford.


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