Got My Nielsen Homescan Scanner!


I applied to be a member of the Nielsen Homescan panel awhile back and they actually told me pretty quickly that I was accepted, but then I got an email saying they were out of scanners and that they’d send me one when they got some more in.  Well it finally came in and I’m going to try to figure out how to use it once I get a couple of posts done.  I just got back in from Publix so I have a shopping trip ready to scan!  I’ll let you know how long it takes to do the scanning once I’ve got the hang of it.  In the meanwhile, I’ve been glancing through the catalog of things you can “buy” with the points you earn.  It is 26 pages full of great products but I figure it’s pointless to choose anything I’d like since I have a feeling that my husband is going to think he has some input once he sees all the electronics in there 🙂


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  1. Jennifer h says

    I got mine 2 weeks ago too. 🙂 Mine looks very different than yours though. It’s pretty simple, but if you use coupons it sure asks a lot of questions!

  2. Whew – you’re not kidding! I don’t buy ANYTHING without a coupon (if I can help it 🙂 ) so it seems like it took forever but I’m sure it was just cuz it was my first time. The sound it made when I told it I bought 9 of the fruit chillers was hilarious! MEEEEEEEEEEP – ARE YOU SURE??

  3. Well I got one about a month ago and I’m sending it back today. For me and my schedule, just too much time involved. Especially as you say… when you rarely buy without coupon. I guess I signed up a little prematurely. Good luck to you….

  4. It IS pretty time consuming when you have to enter all the coupon details etc. I’m gonna give it a shot but will have to weigh the time it takes against the potential rewards (I figured it would take about a year to earn 13,500 points). Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. I’ve been wanting to do this for about two years now and no response as of yet, just filling out surveys

  6. did your scanner come via fedex?

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