Gift Ideas for Your Special Bacon Lover

Gift Ideas for Your Special Bacon Lover

Bacon. It’s more than a food. It’s a way of life for many, including myself! If you have a bacon lover to buy for this holiday, we have compiled some great gift ideas for you!

Gift Ideas for Your Special Bacon Lover

I Heart Bacon Trucker Hat

I like the style of this I Heart Bacon hat, and I am sure lots of bacon lovers would too. If nothing else, they can wear it to show off their bacon pride! It’s available in lots of different colors, so if you know their favorite, you can make the gift even more special.

Bacon-opoly Game

Monopoly just got even better. Bacon-opoly is a fun twist on the traditional board game. You can own the BLT, bacon grease, or the prized Bacon Strip. The jail is now BURNT, something no body wants from their bacon!

Gift Ideas for Your Special Bacon Lover

Bacon Air Freshener

This is one air freshener I can stand behind! Even though the reviews say the scent doesn’t last very long, wouldn’t it be cool to have bacon hanging from your rear-view mirror? I’m sure other drivers would be jealous. I mean, come on…it’s bacon!

Gift Ideas for Your Special Bacon Lover

Bacon Bandages

Make every boo boo better with bacon bandages! These would make a great stocking stuffer for any bacon lover. I have to mention, they don’t actually taste like bacon…the reviews told me so!

Bacon Welcome Mat

Give this Bacon Welcome Mat to any bacon lover you know so they can ward off unwelcome visitors – you know, those that don’t like bacon. Seriously though, it’s just much cooler than a plain ol’ welcome mat, don’t you think?

Too Much Bacon T-shirt

No one will ever say there’s too much bacon! If you know someone who wholeheartedly believes the more bacon the better, they need this Too Much Bacon T-Shirt. There are multiple colors available for men and women, and they areÊyouth sizes too! All bacon lovers can wear their pride.

Gift Ideas for Your Special Bacon Lover

Bacon Dashboard Dancer

Everyone will know your bacon lover’s passion with this Dashboard Dancer. This cute little guy is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. I don’t think I could have a bad day with this bacon dude dancing in my car every morning!

Bacon Teething Toy

Because babies need bacon love too! Even if they are too little to eat it, they can certainly gnaw on it as their teeth come in. I just love this teething toy, it would make a great baby shower gift for expecting parents who can’t get enough bacon.

Bacon Recipes Playing Cards

With these Bacon Playing Cards, you can deal out a hand of rummy and then make a yummy bacon dish! 52 cards each feature a different delicious recipe to make before or after your games.


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