$10 Off 2″ Binder Covers At CouponClutch.com

Check out the HUGE Clearance Sale at CouponClutch.com.   We’ve added many binder covers to the clearance isle in order to make room for new fall fabrics!  The clearance price for the standard 2″ binder covers have been reduced from the regular price of $29.95 to $19.95 – $10.00 off which equals a WHOPPING 33% discount .  Some of the designs are still available in the “custom” sizes – 3″, 4″ 5″ (with add on custom prices added to the $19.95 clearance price), however some of the designs have all  been sold except for a few of the 2″ covers.   Keep in mind the clearance covers are limited in quantity – when they’re gone, they’re gone!  These are some really great deals!  We’ve heard from a few people who are buying one for themselves and several for friends and relatives for Christmas.  Here are a few of the styles that are still available in the clearance section:


There are a couple dozen styles/designs that have been moved to the clearance section, so you still have a variety to choose from.  These won’t last long because we’re anxious to start moving in the fall fabrics.  Happy Shopping!


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