Getting Started on Our Garden!


Whew – it has been a really long winter and it feels like we’re getting such a late start on the garden, but I’m excited that it’s starting to warm up and look like spring again!  We’ve started a bunch of tomato seeds, probably half Better Boy and half Super Sweet 100s (the kids’ favorite cherry tomato), and we’ll plant a BUNCH of green bean seeds once my dad comes out and tills the garden (he’d be really bummered if he didn’t get to do it!).

I thought some of you might be interested to see how we recycle many of the extra newspapers that I buy for the inserts.  We save a bunch of money on pots by making our own out of newspaper using Vesey’s N. Viropotter – it’s a little pricey at $24.95 but it pays off if you use it a lot and we do.  We also use a TON of the remaining newspapers as a weed guard and mulch.  Once my dad is done tilling we’ll make our rows and then put layers of newspaper over them and throw a little dirt on top to weigh them down.  Next we’ll cut 3″ X’s down the row to plant the seedlings in and then water the whole thing after they’ve been planted.  The newspapers keep the weeds from becoming a problem and end up acting as a mulch as they break down over the season.  Reduce, re-use, recycle!


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