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Quadruplets Plus One

When I was trying to get pregnant with my oldest son it took us three years of trying and more than our fair share of pregnancy tests. We finally had to go to a fertility specialist and it turned out that we both had issues preventing us from getting pregnant, but we worked through those with the help of the specialist and the first time a pregnancy test came back positive it was an amazing feeling. That was ten years ago then 15 months later our quadruplets came along. The wait between all the “work” we were putting into getting pregnant and the first morning that I could take a pregnancy test was excruciating! Now the changes in pregnancy test technology are incredible.


Just ten years ago I couldn’t take a pregnancy test more than two to three days before a missed period, now with new enhanced technology First Response pregnancy tests will tell you with over 99% accuracy whether you are pregnant as many as six days before. I clearly remember having to wait nearly two weeks out of every month when we were trying to get pregnant to find out if we’d been successful or not. I’m so happy to hear that the wait has been decreased to just over a week for women these days.

In addition to allowing you to test so much sooner, First Response pregnancy tests also have a new design with a 50% wider tip, longer curved handle and easy read window with a diagram right on the handle. Plus you can use the test at any time of day, not only in the morning like I had to do, and you get to find out the results in just three minutes!  You can find First Response at all major drugstores and grocery stores with prices ranging from $8.99 to $15.99 depending on the number of tests in the package.


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