Get 3 Personalized Cosmetic Cases for $9.99 Shipped


I LOVE when this deal comes around from ArtsCow!  Through the end of February you can pick three any size cosmetic cases and use promo code [coupon code=”16″ /] to pay only $9.99, plus you’ll get free international shipping.  I’ve done this deal more than once, and I’ve bought lots of other things from ArtsCow and I’ve always been happy with the quality.  They ship from overseas so shipping does take a little longer, but I think it’s worth it. 

These are my kiddos!


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  1. I love this picture!!! Do you know if all of the pouches are the same size? I was thinking of using them as pencil cases if they were big enough. ?? 🙂
    Thanks for always sharing such wonderful deals!!!

  2. Hi,
    I was looking on the site and found some cosmetic bags of different sizes and prices. Are you saying that we can purchase ANY 3 sizes and it’s only $9.99 to get all 3? Just wanted to check before I purchased.
    thanks Denise~

  3. Hey Tami! The one pictured above with my rugrats in the tub is the small size (7″x4″) and it is PERFECT for use as a pencil case 🙂 ArtsCow told me in their email that you CAN mix and match the sizes if you’d like and still get 3 for the $9.99. Btw, I have done this deal before and bought 6 so I’d have enough for all the kids and I was able to get the same deal, they don’t usually have any limits on their specials so you could 3, 6 or 9 – whatever works for you 🙂 Hope this helps!

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