Fun and Frugal DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Fun and Frugal Outdoor Lighting Ideas

We live in Northwest Florida and spend a lot of time outdoors pretty much year ’round, but I like to spruce things up in our outdoor living spaces each spring when the days are getting longer and the weather nicer. One of my favorite ways to liven up our patios and outdoor spaces is to light them up with fun and frugal lighting options.

There is a covered patio off my bedroom and it’s my favorite place to relax and read so I’ve got lots of candles, sconces and lights out there that make for great ambiance. I love these hanging lanterns over the patio table, since they don’t get any light I bought simple hanging glass globes, put battery operated tealights inside and hung them from the ceiling with planter hooks and chains. For the table lighting I bought a bronze look tray (that’s really plastic) and a bag of river rocks for a few bucks at the dollar store then added three battery operated candles.

Fun and Frugal Outdoor Lighting Ideas

This lighted LED patio umbrella on the main patio also has an additional LED light disc, neither of which are lit in this picture because I wanted to show off these super cute clip-on solar “light bulbs”.  I’ve seen these all over lately at places like Old Time Pottery and Lowe’s but beware because prices have varied widely!! I actually got mine out of a bucket (no packaging) at Family Dollar for a buck each. They’re identical to the ones I’ve seen elsewhere for $10 and at that price I bought a few spares just in case, but I haven’t needed to use any of the spares yet.

Fun and Frugal Outdoor Lighting Ideas

These three palm trees are the focal point of our front yard and I absolutely love looking at them at night wrapped in these gorgeous solar fairy lights. I used one strand for each tree because I couldn’t go any higher without a ladder and I’m a bit of a klutz. The lights totally transform the look of the house from the street and I’m thrilled that the lights stay on until morning most of the year. During a few of our drearier winter days they didn’t quite make it until morning. Of course I also had to wrap the trees off my patio with fairy lights so that I can enjoy them from my room.

Fun and Frugal Outdoor Lighting Ideas

All of the lighting ideas described above cost me less than $200 total to implement, including the LED umbrella! It’s amazing how simply lighting up our favorite outdoor spaces makes them feel so much more relaxed and intimate for family gatherings or for when you can manage to squeeze in some “me time”.


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