Frugal Gift Idea: Old Fashioned Paper Treat Bags


When I was young, my grandmother used to bake doughnuts every hunting season and place a dozen in a little brown lunch bag. She’d give them out to her sons on the first day of hunting season.

This holiday season, I thought about those ordinary little brown lunch bags. They were just the right size for a dozen mini doughnuts, and so why not a dozen holiday cookies?

If you have a few Christmas cookie cutters lying around, some brown paper lunch bags, and some scrapbook paper or construction paper—this craft should be a cinch!

Make paper shapes by tracing your cookie cutters on paper. Then attach your shapes to the brown paper bags using regular craft glue. Use a marker and write some type of holiday greeting below.

You can add little embellishments like ribbon or rhinestones like the stars on the little trees of the bags pictured.

It’s that simple. Aren’t they cute? Place a dozen or so cookies inside and they’re ready to give away for treats or cookie exchanges! (These are stapled or you can just double fold the tops and seal with stickers or gift tags.)

Romantic at heart, Susan Lower is one crafty mom. She has written over a hundred articles for venues such as ehow, triond,, and newspapers. When Susan’s not writing, she enjoys visiting friends and a good cup of tea. To find out more about Susan Lower you can visit her site at


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