Frugal Friday – Show Off Your Shops!

It has been SOOOOO cold this week, but I really can’t even complain because we’ve had none of the snow, snirt, or dreaded thundersnow that so many others have had to deal with.  I hope you’re all well and warm and not snowed in this weekend!   If you were able to get out and shop this week, please post a link below to any or all of the deals that you’d like to show off.  I love to see the deals that other frugal shoppers come up with and I really dig having a visual way that we can all share our deals and Show Off Our Shops!  If you don’t have a blog to link up, just leave a comment and tell us all about your deals or upload a picture to Flickr or PhotoBucket and link to that 😉


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  1. I’ve just started the whole “extreme coupon” thing, my first big deal was this week, found it on my own. Campbell’s Chunky 3 soups at $1 off, my grocer had a sale for $1.25 each, and this week they did a manufactures coupon tripler so I only paid 25 cents per can, for a limit of 6 cans.

  2. That’s an awesome deal – way to go!

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