Frugal Friday – Show Off Your Shops!

Happy Friday everybody!  I’m taking my hubby to dinner for his birthday tonight and I’m so happy that living frugally allows us the leeway to splurge occasionally on a nice dinner out 🙂  My favorite part of the week though is to see the deals that other frugal shoppers come up with and I can’t wait to see your deals so link up below and Show Off Our Shops! Please post a link below to any or all of the deals that you’d like to show off this week. If you don’t have a blog to link up, just leave a comment and tell us all about your deals or upload a picture to Flickr or PhotoBucket and link to that 😉


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  1. I got 40 free Sobe Lifewaters at Albertsons this week! They were 10 for 10. If you bought 10 of them, it took an automatic $5 off. Then I used my b1g1 coupons & it brought the total down to ZERO! 🙂

  2. I got 5 bottles of sunscreen for $7 at Dollar General.

  3. Wow – you go girl! I used to love Albertson’s, but the only one left in our area closed about a year ago 🙁

  4. The normal prices at Albertsons really aren’t that great. I normally only go there when they have like crazy good specials or they have their coupon doublers in their ad. I got another 30 free sobes today…lol =]

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