Frugal Friday – Show Off Your Shops!

We’ve set a new, lower monthly budget for this year of $375 for our family of seven, but I’m trying to see just how far below budget we can start out the year by participating in the Clean Out Your Cupboards Challenge this month.  That doesn’t mean I don’t get to shop (thank goodness!) and I’m pleased with the deals I brought home this week.  What did you get?  I love to see the deals that other frugal shoppers come up with and I really dig having a visual way that we can all share our deals and Show Off Our Shops! Please post a link below to any or all of the deals that you’d like to show off this week. If you don’t have a blog to link up, just leave a comment and tell us all about your deals or upload a picture to Flickr or PhotoBucket and link to that 😉


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  1. If I joined the challenge we’d starve :-). I have been living off my stockpile for several months now and am about wiped out. My hubby got some Walmart gift cards for Thanksgiving & Christmas at work and he gave them to me to buy canned goods–that helped a lot in beginning my restocking.

  2. You’re too funny Cheryl! I’m glad to know that you’re such a good shopper I won’t need to worry about you starving 🙂

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