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I’m having fun so far participating in a weekly vlog prompt with Toni from Just Stop Screaming and some other blogging friends. This week’s topic is to tell you about our favorite blog.

There are so many blogs that I visit each week and it’s hard to pick just one favorite, but – if I’m ever in need of a laugh I head on over to where Jill Smokler, aka Scary Mommy, entertains thousands on a daily basis. You’ll find lots of tips and confessions on marriage and kids for imperfect parents.

As an example, here’s an excerpt from a recent post by Anna Luther entitled “10 Unrecognizable Post Baby Parts”:

Having three kids has done a number on my body… and my life. From the giant elephant that used to be my vagina to the varicose vein that constantly gets snagged on the coffee table, there are countless parts of myself that I no longer recognize. The top ten…

1. My Elephant. You might call yours a vagina, but I made the mistake of taking a hand mirror down there for some post-childbirth exploration, and all I saw was a giant, weary elephant looking back at me. Sometimes I have nightmares that he’s trying to eat me. On Mondays, I can hear him sighing in exhaustion.

3. My Life after 10 pm. I used to be doing my first shot at 10 pm. Now I feel like I’ve been shot at 10 pm. Going to bed before midnight used to make me nervous that I was missing out on something. Now I start to twitch if I’m not in bed by 11 pm – because I know someone will be waking me up at midnight, one, two, three, four and five.

Between the elephant and the “giant vasshole” she describes in #9, all I can say is, I’ll take a C-section scar any day! So, if you’re a mom (or a dad) who could use a little laughter in your day, go visit


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  1. I have heard of Scary mommy she does has a wicked sense of humor!

  2. She slays me, but I could never imagine writing the kind of confessionals that she does. I’m already embarrassed that my mom might read THIS post 😉

  3. I have never read her stuff, guess I should check it out. I can always use a laugh.

  4. OMG I love scary mommy too. That post was one of my favorite as well. I was laughing until I cried LOL. I don’t even see how you were able to read that without busting out laughing

  5. I laughed until I cried, then fixed my makeup and taped again 😉 She kills me!

  6. Thanks for the blog recommendation! I love finding new funny blogs! I wish I could be that funny!

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