Freezer Don’t Fail Me Now!

Note – my freezer was beeping when I got home from the grocery store today with a bunch of stuff I needed to put in there so I thought I’d re-post this article I originally wrote April 27, 2010 because I was SO happy that I knew what to do this time!

Since the nearest grocery store is about a 40 minute drive away, one of our first big purchases after we moved into the “deep woods” was a large chest style deep freezer. Usually not big believers in the add-on insurance and warranties it seems like everybody wants to sell you, we did pay for an extended three year warranty in case anything happened to the freezer because we knew we’d be depending on it. Well the darn thing started beeping and flashing ‘6’ two weeks ago. At first we checked it out and it was still freezing so we re-set the alarm and dismissed it.

Started beeping again the next day. Step 2 – call Sears Home Repair only to find out that the warranty expired a few months ago :( The gentleman that I spoke to on the phone looked up the error ‘6’ I was getting and TOLD me that it meant the freezer was at six degrees instead of 10 below like it should be so it was sounding the alarm. He told me that the temp was okay for the food, to check for any frost issues, and to keep an eye on the temp – if it got to around 12 or 15 he said to call back and they’d send someone out, but that it would be at our expense.

Step 3 – in between repeatedly re-setting the alarm at all hours of the day we did research online, tried to figure out what was going on, whether there was anything we could do ourselves, or even what the appliance fault codes mean. NOTHING!!

Step 4 – found an obscure comment on a post from 2006 that said the ‘6’ might actually be a ‘b’ for battery so we went back and looked the freezer over again. Sure enough, there is a battery compartment hidden on the far side of the thing. As you can tell, this battery had seen better days!

Step 5 – be REALLY grateful that we didn’t pay some appliance repairman $100+ to come out and tell us that all it needed was a new battery ;)

Step 6 – be REALLY annoyed that the appliance repair center didn’t give me the helpful tip of checking the battery first!

Sooooooooo, if your freezer is beeping, flashing a ‘6’ or a ‘b’ then check your battery. That battery compartment should be clearly marked but will likely be on the lower side or bottom front of the unit.


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