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We always plant a big garden each year and I’m already looking forward to all the fresh tomatoes and green beans, but my big goal for this spring and summer is to get into the swing of freezer cooking.  My plan is to start small by picking one day each week to make a double or triple batch of something that will freeze well so that we’ll have lots of great home cooked meals ready to just pop into the oven on super busy days.  I just bought this gorgeous black vertical Foodsaver for $61 on eBay (it retails for $159.95) and have been looking for resources for tips and recipes so I wanted to share some of the best finds with you!

Friendly Freezer – bulk cooking Yahoo group.

Frozen Assets – cook for a day, eat for a month Yahoo group.

Make Ahead Meals – Yahoo group for make ahead, freezer and mega meals.

Mom’s Budget – free freezer cooking printables.

Organized Home Freezer Cookbook – freezer cooking recipes.

RecipeZaar – cooking on a budget, make ahead, and freezer cooking forum.


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