Rewards For Shopping

I have a terrible addiction problem – I can’t help but checkin on my iPhone everywhere I go!  I’m the mayor of so many places that it’s really pretty sad.  One day I left the house without my phone and it was the worst day ever!  I couldn’t checkin anywhere and I just didn’t feel right the whole day.  My husband thinks I’m crazy because checking in doesn’t really get me anything except a collection of badges, but now I’m ready to show him!  


I recently found a new app called Checkpoints that is so much more fun than the apps I’m used to checking in with, and it actually rewards me for doing the things I’m already doing anyway!  


Here’s how it works – you earn points for checking in on the app using your smart phone when you go places, and you get even more points for scanning items with your phone while you’re shopping.  You also get coins when you scan items that you can use to play in-app games where you can win up to 150,000 bonus points.  The best part is that you can redeem your points for great stuff like gift certificates to your favorite stores and restaurants, airline miles and even all the hottest electronics and gadgets! 

If you have an iPhone or an Android smart phone then I highly recommend checking out the free Checkpoints app so you too can earn rewards while you shop!  Use the referral code shopperstrategy in the “bonus code” field when you register and you’ll automatically get 150 free bonus points to get started. 

Download from the iTunes App Store 

Download from the Android Market 




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