Giveaway Lists

I never used to enter giveaways because I really never thought I’d win anything, then one day I entered to win some Godiva chocolates (if you’ve been here awhile you probably already know that chocolate is one of my main vices 😉 ) and I WON!  I tried again here and there and whaddya know – I actually won a few more times.  Nothing major, but always things I wanted or needed (or else why waste the time entering right?).  So now I’m hooked – and I want to share!  Here is a list of my favorite sites that run weekly giveaway “linky” lists.  If you have a few free minutes need a break, enter a few giveaways that interest you.  Good luck!

My favorite giveaway lists:

Submit your favorite giveaway list link for inclusion on this list through the comment section below.


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