Free Pack of 5 Gum to First 100,000


This was kinda creepy but cool at the same time.  Wrigley has put a lot of effort into this new Facebook application and once you allow it to connect  with your page you’ll see an awesome video that pulls in pictures from your Facebook page – really neat, wish I could figure out how to see the video again 🙂  Anyway, go to the 5 React website and click on “See If You’re Chosen” on the left hand side (I think this is just checking if they’ve hit 100,000 yet).  You’ll need to make sure your pop-up blocker is off then click “Connect with Facebook”.  You’ll see the short video with your pix in it then you’ll be asked to fill out your mailing address where they will send a mysterious “black envelope”, presumably with your coupon in it.  It was a little bit of effort, but I actually enjoyed it, and will enjoy it even more when I get my free gum 🙂  Thanks Hip2Save!


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